Marc de Champagne
Marc de Champagne Characteristics
“Marc” is a brandy made from the residues (skins, seeds and stalks) in the cluster pressing (grapes Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay), the so-called “eau de vie”.

Alcohol content – 40% vol.

“Marc” and “Fine” are commonly used for making chocolate truffles.

The words of the oenologist
The spirit has less of a fruity taste, but the mouthfeel is rather prominent.

It is commonly served as a digestive after the meal to settle the stomach.
It is drunk at a room temperature in a wine round glass.

the bottle (0.70l)

p.s.: The name 'Marc' comes from 'marcher' = 'broyer' (old French), that is, chop, for example, a fruit, sweet to extract residual components.