Fontana Masorin

Fontana Masorin is the name of the property situated on the clay rich hills of the Montello. The dry summers and cold winters allow the vine to be one of the only cultivations that can grow there. The vine, in this type of climate, has a limited production, but of a higher quality: a quality that is maintained thanks to the arboreal techniques that are utilized during the seasons, as the pruning of grape bunches in summer, and a drastic trimming in winter.

Vinification Process
The grapes are harvested towards mid October. Fontana Masorin wine is obtained from a 60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon mixture. The slow fermentation takes place thanks to the yeast that can be found on the vinasse. The many procedures that take place during the vinification of this product, give as a result a full bodied wine, well structured but also quite soft.

The Wine
Intense ruby red with violet highlights it has a winy perfume, pleasant, ethereal. Its ideal for game roasts, also with seasoned and spicy cheeses. It should be served at a temperature of 18/20 C.

the bottle (0.75l)

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