Pinot Noir (Main Divide)



Main Divide is the local name for the Southern Alps and is the backbone of the South Island, where grapes for Main Divide are exclusively sourced. Vineyards have been selected for their quality and ability to express unique regional flavours.

The season:
The season was influenced by La Nina weather conditions, resulting in a very mild spring, a warm summer with high sunshine hours and a long, lingering autumn. In spite of being dry we had infrequent, but well spaced showers keeping the vines very happy. At picking the fruit was in beautiful condition and was physiologically ripe.

The vineyard and the vines:
The grapes were grown on a mixture of clay and stony soils. Sufficient leaves were removed from around the bunches to ensure good exposure to sunlight to help ripening and to keep the fruit well ventilated and healthy.

The harvest and winemaking:
We use traditional Burgundian winemaking methods. The fruit was picked in late April and the grapes, without the stems, were put into small fermenting vats, retaining as many whole berries as possible. After several days of being kept cool primary fermentation started through the action of the fruitís indigenous yeasts. During this fermentation the floating cap of grape skins was gently submerged twice daily to keep it moist and healthy and to aid extraction. After fermentation stopped the wine was kept contact with the grape remnants for a number of days. During this time it was tasted regularly, the aim being to optimise structure and mouth-feel. The wine was then separated and put into oak barriques from selected artisan Burgundian coopers, where it matured for 18 months. During this time it underwent natural malo-lactic (secondary) fermentation by the action of the wineís own microorganisms. The various barrels were then carefully blended according to taste before bottling.

The wine:
The wine has a bright ruby hue. The aromas and flavours are reminiscent of black cherries, blackberries and raspberries, intertwined with vanilla pod, and dark chocolate. The palate emphasises zesty fruitiness and spice , while its supple body blends harmoniously with the velvety tannins.
Wine in moderation is a natural health food.

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