Valpolicella Superiore D.O.C. Ca' del Laito

Grape mix:
Corvina, Corvinone, 40% Rondinella, 45% Molinara and others grapes 15%

The grapes were crushed towards the middle of October and fermentation was initiated immediately via inoculation of selected yeasts. Following a fermentation of 10 days at ambient temperature the wine was racked with a residual sugar of 20 g/l. It was then, after another 10 days, racked again off the gross deposit. In March 90% of the wine underwent a week-long refermentation on skins of the Amarone. It was then racked again, assembled with the remaining 10% and placed in 700-litre second-passage tonneaux of Styrian oak. After 17 months in wood it was assembled in a single mass, undergoing a light fining with egg-whites.

the bottle - 0.75 L

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