Dried White Figs (Fagottino)



  • Rare White Fig variety from Cilento, Campania
  • Artisanal production by Santomiele
  • Stuffed with almonds, raisins, orange peel and a splash of rum
  • Stunning packaging, wrapped in real fig leaves


130 g

Dried White Figs (Cilentana)

  A selection of figs with almonds, walnuts and mediterranean aromas (laurel, wild fennel) or figs with dark chocolate (cocoa 70%).

250 g

Dried Figs in Cacao (Scugnizzi)

  Small cuts of white figs from Cilento PDO covered by dark cocoa, flavoured by agricultural rum coming from Martinique. The dry and fragant flavour of rum meets the sweetness of figs, in order to reach a mystic balance of aromas.

200 g

Dried Figs in Dark Chocolate with Nuts (Sciuscella)

  Small cuts of white figs from Cilento in Dark Chocolate and Nuts.

150 g