Recioto della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.

Grape mix:
Corvina, Corvinone 50% Rondinella 30% Molinara 5% Cabernet F. S., Merlot, etc. 15%

Oeno-gastronomic characteristics:
The wine is of a brilliant and intense ruby colour. The nose offers intense aromas of a fruity nature. The taste is sweet, seductive, soft and eminently elegant thanks to the rich tannins and to a balsamic note on the finish. It is very persistent. It should be served at room temperature and it is ideal with dessers and unbeatable with fine pastries, pandoro, chocolate pralines and soft fruits like strawberries.

the bottle - 0.5 L

Shumi Kindzmarauli 2014, Georgia


Grape varieties
100% Saperavi

Vineyard name and location
Kindzmarauli micro­zone,Kakheti region. ''Nadolobari''vineyard,situated at 550 meters above sea­level.

The wine has a deep pomegranate color with a strongly developed bouquet and an expressed aroma of Saperavi grape variety.It is characterized by an inimitable taste of ripe fruits and a velvety structure.

Silver medal ­''Prod Expo 2002'' – Moscow,Russia
Diploma''High Quality Wine''­''Georgia­wine land'' – 2006,Tbilisi,Georgia

bottle (0.75L)