"MyPlov" Pilaf

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350 g

MyPlov recipe is based on the true traditions of the Uzbek folk house. The ingredients of their favorite pilaf are special in that they are imported directly from Uzbekistan. However, in order to maintain the impeccable quality and excellent taste of the pilaf, the meat is, of course, purchased from local growers. Recipe consists of: special "Golden Basmati" rice, yellow and red carrots, beef and lamb, onions, Turkish peas, barberry, red and "Golden" large raisins, cumin or Uzbek "Zira", turmeric. MyPlov, which is as rich in ingredients as it is made, is usually served at large family gatherings or weddings, so it is called "Holiday PLOW" in Uzbekistan, but this does not mean that it cannot be eaten by others. Pilaf is healthy and rich in nutrients, so it will be ideal for feeding yourself, family, friends and other acquaintances. PLOVS is especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle - those who go hiking, those who hunt, those who travel and sports. A pilaf in a can retains the quality of its taste even if it falls into a fire or sinks into a river! It is valid for 3 years. Net weight - 350g. Instructions for use on the packaging.

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