Silvano Follador

Silvano Follador

Upon finishing secondary school two siblings decided to carry on the activity of paternal grandfather, who had died in 1999. Their original 2 hectares under vines (1.5 of which in the Cartizze sub-area) saw the addition at a later date of another 2 hectares inherited from their maternal grandfather. All this land is suited to the cultivation of the Prosecco vine. Respecting the natural physiology of the plant as well as the fertility and microbial life of the soil has ensured the development of a more flavoursome grape. Allowing the wines to ferment spontaneously has given them back their true varietal aromas with hints of the minerals to be found in the soil. With racking and clarification (with bentonite only when absolutely necessary) reduced to a minimum and no filtering before secondary fermentation, the end flavour is genuine and more full bodied. Helped and supported by their parents in their decisions and daily work, the efforts over the years have been concentrated on obtaining wines that are as natural as possible without, however, denying those processes indispensible for guaranteeing the precise, clear-cut and refined expression they strive for.




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