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Welcome to the world of quality products. We work hard to bring the best articles to our country.

Champagne - Henri Geraud and Autreau de Champillon. Both houses have been producing champagne since 17th century and are among the oldest champagne makers. Probably you have never heard of them. This only means that they have been investing in quality rather then in marketing.

Wine - Red wines that we bring from Gascony are made from Tannat grapes and are the healthiest wines on the market. You will fall in love with our white wines, especially those that come from auction houses in limited quantities and are reasonably priced. Here you will find the best value wines for your money. All our wines are classified as "produced by winegrower".

Water - We bring mineral water from Corsica. Perfect combination of minerals. No nitrates and nitrites. It is recommended to children, pregnant women and everyone else.

Vodka - We are proud to say that we offer the best vodka ever. Your usual vodka get distilled 2-3 times, very good vodka get distilled 7-9 times, our vodka is distilled 34 times. It simply is an incomparable experience. Purity vodka is made in Sweden using only the best components.

Gift Cards - We are offer gift cards to use in our shop. You can combine it with a bottle of perfect wine or champagne, or even some delicacy.